Follow these easy tips to have perfect layering in winter


The cold weather has started knocking and now many people have started updating their wardrobes slowly. In the evening, now people have started giving priority to wearing jackets. However, in the coming few days, nothing is going to happen just by wearing a jacket. You have to do the layering of clothes. However, it cannot be denied that it can be difficult to be fashionable when layering. Actually, through layering, you can protect yourself from the cold and keep warm, but for that, you have to compromise on your style somewhere.

If you also think the same or have been doing the same thing, then now you do not have to worry. There are many ways with the help of which you can perfectly do layering. In this way, while taking care of your body, you will not have to compromise on any kind of style.

Focus on innerwear


Always remember, inner-wear is as important as outer-wear. Both of these help to keep you warm. Whereas, outerwear decides your style, while innerwear is fully functional and plays a vital role in protecting your body from the cold. Therefore, always invest in high-quality thermoregulation basics like camis, slips, leggings, tights, and tops as they are the foundation of your layering process. Always try to buy innerwear that is warm and lightweight.

Go from light to heavy


Outerwear worn in winters is usually heavy, so always keep your innerwear light and comfortable. You should follow this golden rule while layering in winters and always layering from light to heavy. For example, layers that are light and airy are closest to your skin and heavy layers are on the outside to protect you from the cold wind. There is also a benefit of doing this that if you feel a lot of heat, then you can remove heavy layers as needed and make yourself more comfortable.

Different length layering


If you have to do a lot of layering in the cold winter, then the best way to achieve a stylish and manageable look is to focus on different lengths of your outfit. It is a smart way to protect you from the cold while giving you a stylish touch. All you have to do is style a short-height top with high-waist bottoms. Then create a thin layer of the cardigan and then wear a long coat at the end. It will make your look more attractive. 

Invest in Turtleneck

If you feel extremely cold, you should invest in a turtleneck to warm and style yourself. Turtleneck outfits not only keep you extra warm but also give a stunning look when layered. You can layer stylish coats and scarves with turtleneck dresses. Also, if you want to go for a more put-up winter look, you can style knee-high boots under a turtleneck top maxi dress.

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