Fire Pan: What is the danger of liquid nitrogen?


An incident has come to light in Bengaluru, in which a 12-year-old girl got a hole in her stomach after eating Pane. This was not a normal paan but the smoked paan which was trending in reels on social media. However, the girl's condition is fine after the surgery. But this incident is like a warning that before trying anything, you should know the complete information about the things present in it.


What is the whole matter?

According to reports, the girl was at a wedding ceremony, where after seeing the guests eating smoked paan, she tried to eat it herself. As soon as he ate paan, he felt severe stomach pain. The family members immediately took him to the hospital, where after examination it was found that there was a hole in his stomach. After which the doctors had to perform an operation and remove a part of his stomach.

How to make smoke paan?

To make smoked paan, liquid nitrogen is added to the pan mixture. Liquid nitrogen is a very low-temperature liquid, which vaporizes and produces smoke, which is why this plan is called smoke paan.

What is the danger of liquid nitrogen?

Consumption or direct contact with liquid nitrogen can be dangerous for the body. It can seriously damage the stomach and intestines, causing holes, internal bleeding, and even death. 

Special danger for children

Children are more tempted to try such trendy foods due to their curiosity. This incident is an example of how dangerous foods containing liquid nitrogen can be for children. In such a situation, parents should keep in mind what kind of trending foods their children are consuming.