Find out when the gas cylinder is going to expire in these easy ways!


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Nowadays, a gas stove is being used in almost all the houses, which people use for cooking. In some places, gas is available through pipeline, for which the bill comes, but in most parts of the country, LPG cylinders are still prevalent.

Sometimes someone is cooking at home and suddenly the gas cylinder runs out in the middle, then it can be a big problem. In this situation, if there is no second cylinder in the house, then people have to go to the neighbor and extend a hand.

Therefore, it is better that you know in advance when your cylinder is about to expire so that you can get the new cylinder filled on time and keep it at home.


How to recognize when a cylinder is about to expire:

When you burn gas, the gas is blue in the beginning, but as the cylinder nears completion, it starts to appear pale yellow.

When the cylinder is about to finish, a slight smell starts coming around it.

If light black smoke comes out while burning gas, then understand that the cylinder needs to be filled.

If you think your cylinder is about to run out and how can you check it, soak a wet cloth in water and wrap it around the cylinder. After an hour, remove the wet cloth, and the area that is wet will still contain gas.