Find out how many phone numbers are linked to your Aadhar card!


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To make a call from a mobile phone, a phone number is required and for that, a SIM card is required. Purchasing a SIM card usually requires providing a valid document.

Generally, people use their Aadhaar card as the primary document for purchasing a SIM card, as it is the most common and widely accepted document for this purpose.

However, do you know how many mobile numbers are linked to your Aadhar card? If not, it is important to find out because if the SIM card obtained using your Aadhaar is misused, it can lead to complications.


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According to government rules, one Aadhar card can be linked to a maximum of 9 SIM cards. It allows individuals to obtain SIM cards for their family members using their Aadhaar when needed.

If multiple SIM cards are linked to your Aadhaar without your knowledge, you can seek assistance from the Department of Telecommunications.

You can visit website to check the number of SIM cards linked to your Aadhaar. Once there, enter your mobile number and complete the captcha. After this, an OTP will be sent to your mobile, and upon entering all the information will be revealed.

It is important to stay informed about the SIM card linked to your Aadhaar to avoid any possible misuse.