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Increasing weight is no less than tension because nowadays most people are falling prey to obesity. If it is not controlled, the body becomes a victim of serious diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure. To control weight, people focus on diet along with exercise. Most of those following the diet have started giving up rice. Let us tell you that even today in most parts of India, people are so dependent on rice that many people are unable to fill their stomachs without eating it. Some people eat it boiled and some eat it fried. Rice is a storehouse of nutrients and is a great source of nutrition.

Now the question is whether rice should be abandoned in the weight loss journey or not. Because this question arises among people whether eating rice increases obesity. Actually, most of the people believe in many myths which cause harm instead of benefit. The same is the case with eating rice. Here we are going to tell you through experts whether rice should be abandoned or not.

Rice nutrients

Rice is also a storehouse of nutrients as it contains potassium, sodium, calories, iron, vitamin B6, magnesium and to some extent calcium. If it is eaten properly, the deficiency of these nutrients in the body can be removed. However, there is confusion among people about whether the consumption of rice can increase weight. Learn from experts.

What do experts say?

Payal Sharma, the senior dietician of Delhi's Dharamshila Narayana Superspeciality Hospital, told many things about rice. Expert Payal says that people often have this misconception that eating rice increases obesity, but it is not so. Rice is essential for health and is also beneficial. Rice contains carbs and Vitamin B is also found in it, which does not increase weight but keeps it under control. According to experts, rice has very less calories, if you understand it through an example, then one cup of rice has almost the same amount of calories as a normal roti, hence this kind of thinking is wrong.

Dietician Payal says that rice does not increase weight but the main reason for this is overeating. If you eat anything in excess, your weight will definitely increase. Be it rice, roti or any outside food items. Yes, you can eat it in a better way, you can boil the rice, which removes the starch from it and it becomes very easy to digest. Also, to lose weight, you can use brown rice and red rice.

Don't make this mistake

According to experts, you should consume rice during the day but do not cook it with too many spices and salt. Apart from this, do not drink water immediately after eating such things. Also, take a walk for a few minutes after lunch or dinner. It is wrong to focus only on diet for weight loss. Along with this, do exercise and you can choose any physical activity.