Fear of bad cholesterol will not haunt you even after the age of 40, know 5 ways of prevention from experts!


Fitness should be given attention at every age, but with increasing age, it becomes necessary to take even more care of health because as we cross the stages of age, the body starts becoming weak and due to this many people Diseases also start to spread. Although bad cholesterol can increase at any age due to poor eating habits, it is often seen that after the age of 40, people have more problems with increasing cholesterol.

Due to increased bad cholesterol, the risk of heart-related diseases increases. If care is not taken, the situation can become quite serious, there is even a fear of heart attack and stroke. Therefore, it is very important to keep cholesterol under control. So let us know about it in detail from experts.

What do doctors say?

According to Dr Yadvendra Gupta of SRK Hospital, Jaipur, problems like diabetes and thyroid are also responsible for the increase in bad cholesterol, hence such people need more attention. According to Dr. Yadvendra, two things play the most important role in controlling cholesterol. Taking a balanced diet and exercising in a daily routine.

What are the reasons for the increase in cholesterol?

A dietician from Jaipur, Surabhi Pareek, says that there are many factors like improper lifestyle like not maintaining a balanced eating pattern, excessive stress, sitting job for 8-9 hours, very little physical activity etc. which become the reason for the increase in bad cholesterol.

What should be the diet?

According to dietitian Surbhi Pareek, to keep bad cholesterol under control, you should take a balanced diet, in which the quantity of fibre should be high, which will give you fruits, vegetables and whole grains in your diet. Healthy protein should be taken, like if you are eating non-veg for protein, then keep in mind the cooking method, use the minimum amount of oil and ghee in it.

Focus on a plant-based protein diet

Dietician Surabhi Pareek says to focus on plant best foods for healthy protein. Nuts and seeds, pulses and beans can be taken in this. Take low-fat milk products there. Reduce simple carbs in your diet and remove sugary items from the diet. Include complex carbs in your diet. At the same time, remove transfat completely from your diet.

Spices and herbs are beneficial

Experts say that apart from millet (cereals), vegetables and fruits, add Indian herbs and spices like garlic in cooking. This is quite beneficial. To control cholesterol, you can take garlic with water in the morning.

Take special care of these things

Apart from controlling cholesterol, be physically active daily to stay completely fit. For this, exercise for 40 to 60 minutes 6 days a week. In this, focus more on cardio, like running, walking, cycling, swimming or playing any outdoor game. Apart from this, keep your water intake good, and add things like yoga, meditation, and dancing to your routine to reduce stress. If you do a sitting job, set an alarm and take a break of 30-40 minutes.