Fastag KYC Update: After today your Fastag will be deactivated, if you want to avoid a fine then do this work!


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For the convenience of travellers using cars, expressways and highways have been built throughout the country, making their travel much easier. Now it takes much less time to travel from one city to another. However, the cost of building such roads is recovered by the government through toll taxes. Earlier, these toll taxes were collected at toll booths, but now, with the introduction of Fastag, the process has become more streamlined. Every vehicle plying on the road is required to have Fastag and as of now, it is mandatory to scan Fastag through the Fastag sticker. Meanwhile, the government has made important changes regarding Fastag and if you do not update your KYC by the evening of 31st January, your Fastag will stop working.

Fastag will be deactivated.

The government has made KYC update mandatory for Fastag stickers. For this, the government has set a deadline of January 31 and after this date, Fastags without KYC will be deactivated. This means that money will not be deducted from Fastag and you will have to pay double toll tax. Therefore, if you want to avoid a fine, then update your Fastag KYC immediately. You can update KYC through both offline and online methods.

How to update KYC?

To update KYC online, visit Log in here with your mobile number. After logging in, you will get the option to update KYC, where you will have to upload your PAN or Aadhar card. To update KYC offline, go to the bank where your Fastag is registered. You will be given a form to fill and once you complete it, your KYC will be updated. After updating, a message will also come on your phone.