Fashion Tips: Women should carry a salwar-suit like this when the height is less...


Dressing Tips for Short-Height Women: Short-height women look very beautiful in western wear. On the other hand, after wearing ethnic clothes, the height of women seems even less. In such a situation, after wearing a salwar suit, women often have to carry heels against their will. Salwar suits work to enhance the beauty of women. But sometimes by wearing a salwar, the height of women seems small. In such a situation, despite being uncomfortable, women have to wear heels with salwar suits. That's why we are going to tell you some tips to wear a salwar suit, by following which you can look tall and beautiful even without heels.


Choose a dark dress
Wearing a light colored salwar suit makes the height of women look small. In such a situation, if your height is short, then wearing a dark-colored dress is perfect for you. On the other hand, wearing a salwar suit in dark colors like black, dark blue, and maroon makes you look taut and complete.

Try Full Sleeve Shirt
These days salwar suits with puff and cut sleeves are trending. But short-height women should wear full and ¾ sleeve suits. In such a situation, by wearing long sleeves, your height also becomes more visible.

Wear vertical prints
Large and horizontal printed salwar suits suit women very well. But due to this, the length of women starts to appear less. In such a situation, short women can carry a tall look by wearing salwar suits with vertical prints.

Avoid loose salwar
Wearing loose salwar or Patiala with a suit makes the height of women look less. In such a situation, to look taller, you can wear churidar salwar, pencil trousers, and pants with the suit. Also, by keeping the fittings of the salwar tight, you can easily carry off the tall look.


Get the suit length right
Women of short stature should avoid wearing a long size shirt, it hides their height. In such a situation, it is best to wear short-length suits or suits slightly below the knees. At the same time, wearing a shirt with a middle length of the calf also makes your height look proper.