Fashion Tips: Want a trendy look this monsoon? Follow this style of clothes!


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As the season changes, so does the fashion. Many people do not know what kind of clothes to wear in the monsoon. Due to the rainy season, you do not understand whether you should wear loose clothes or normal clothes. When you go to a nice place or office, you make some mistakes regarding your clothes and do not look presentable. Today we are going to tell you this. Tell you what clothes to wear...


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Nowadays the fashion sense of the youth is changing. Now everywhere youth are seen wearing loose-fitting and oversized clothes. Leaving behind skinny, tight jeans, now the effect of baggy jeans and baggy shirts is being seen in the youth. There are many types available for the youth. This look can be good for you for the monsoon. Recently, the fashion called baggy pants and baggy shirts have seen their best days. You can easily wear these dresses everywhere. There is a new trend that jeans should be worn, but not tight. Actually, this fashion is very old, the hero heroines of yesteryear were seen wearing this style of dress in movies and then the fashion of baggy clothes started. Today baggy clothes are preferred for college, going on a date or picnic as well as for the office. Nowadays even big celebrities are seen wearing baggy clothes and posing for photographs.


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Baggy jeans are very comfortable in the monsoon. Because these pants are very loose and baggy. If you are looking to buy baggy jeans or baggy shirts, then you should definitely try the online option. There are many types of baggy jeans available in the market with attractive names at very low prices. There are some types available like mom jeans, boyfriend jeans, dad jeans, belly bottom jeans. Along with this, thousands of videos can be seen on social media that which top or which shirt we can wear with which jeans. Baggy clothes are a great option for looking more presentable in less time. Apart from this, you can wear any kind of kurta over baggy jeans. Indo-Western look can also look good in monsoon.