Fashion Tips: To get glowing skin like Shahnaz Gill, you should also follow these tips!


PC: tv9hindi

Shehnaaz Gill is very bubbly and playful and is known for her charming behavior. She is often the center of people's attention not only for her looks but also for her glowing skin. Everyone aspires to have flawless skin like Shehnaaz. Let us know how she takes care of her skin.

Hydration: Shahnaz emphasizes the importance of staying well hydrated. Drinking plenty of water helps flush out toxins from the body and makes the skin glow naturally. This keeps their skin hydrated and looking fresh.


PC: tv9hindi

Vitamin C Serum: Shahnaz applies Vitamin C serum on her face before sleeping. This skincare step helps reduce hyperpigmentation problems, fine lines, and pore size. Keeping their skin healthy is an important part of her nightcare routine.

Moisturization: She makes sure her skin is well moisturized before applying makeup. It not only prevents the harmful effects of chemical-laden beauty products but also keeps their skin soft and hydrated.


PC: tv9hindi

Diet: Shahnaz takes a diet rich in fat-free foods. This option helps them avoid skin-related problems like pimples and keeps their skin clean and healthy. She opts for light makeup to protect her skin from damage.