Fashion Tips:-These small mistakes can make you look fat while styling


We all always want to look stylish and don't hesitate to spend extra money on it. However, there are times when you end up buying a stylish outfit after spending the extra money, but still, your look in it doesn't look as it should. This happens because you make some small mistakes during styling.

How you style any outfit is very important. Many times we do not pay attention to the detailing and due to which some extra pounds start appearing in your look. Maybe you are unintentionally making this mistake and you feel that your outfit is the only one. So today in this article we are telling you about some mistakes, which you should avoid doing while styling yourself-

Wearing a buttonless shirt


A basic shirt is there in all of our wardrobes. However, most women opt for shirts that only have one or two buttons as above. This shirt may look good, but wearing such a shirt can make you look a bit heavy. So, if you want to hide your extra pounds, go for buttoned shirts. You select it as the upper layer. For example, first put on a T-shirt and then wear a shirt over it. But do not close the button, rather keep it open. This will make your figure look taller and slimmer.

Pulling the top down to hide the belly


Sometimes women pull the top or T-shirt down to hide their stomach, but you really shouldn't. It can divide your figure into 2 unequal proportions, which makes your body look heavy. So, you can tuck a T-shirt or shirt into the skirt and then layer a buttonless sweater or jacket over it.

Wearing a button-down skinny jersey sweater

Most women wear thin button-down skinny jerseys or sweaters in winters, but you should be a little extra care if you wear them. If you have a slightly wider waist and shoulders, these sweaters will not make you look slimmer, but, on the contrary, can add pounds. Therefore, it is better to wear sweaters with a slightly looser cut. If you are wearing a button-down jersey, then instead of closing the button, give an open look.

Avoiding Monochromatic Looks


Some women often avoid wearing monochromatic looks because they feel that it will make them look boring. However, this is not true. When you wear a contrasting bottom, it widens your look. At the same time, you can create a slimmer effect in a monochromatic look.

Wearing too thin belts


Belts indeed spice up your look. These days’ women are experimenting with their look by styling the belt with almost every kind of outfit. But if you are wearing a belt with outerwear over a coat or sweater, then do not use a belt that is too thin. This will make you look a bit strange and heavy. Instead, a wider belt will show off your figure better. Similarly, if you are wearing a dark-colored coat or outerwear in winters, avoid styling a light-colored belt with it, as it makes the waist circle more visible.

Image Credit- Freepik