Fashion Tips:-Style the coat with a saree in this way in winter, it will look very stylish


It is very difficult to match a winter outfit with a saree. Jackets, sweaters, coats can be paired with a sari with care. Talking about the coat, women often carry it for office wear or casual look, but they are quite confused while matching it with a saree. However, if you pair it wisely, it will give you a stylish look. In winter outfits, coats can be worn with saree in many ways.

Let us tell you that many designs will also be found in the coat, which can be carried in different styles. At the same time, while matching the coat with ethnic wear, special care should be taken of both the color and the design. In winter outfits, the coat is the main part of the wardrobe of Bollywood actresses, which she carries according to the occasion. If you want, you can also follow these fashion ideas here.

Pair overcoat with saree


Women often carry an overcoat for a casual and office look, but you can also pair it with a sari if you want. If you want to wear a coat for a wedding function, select a silk or embroidery design coat. You can make your look even more beautiful by pairing it with a slim-fit overcoat saree. Worked coat in chiffon fabric can also be paired with a saree. However, if you want to choose a coat that is both cool and fashionable, then the silk and embroidery design coats can be the best option.

Carry coat with belt


If you are going to pair a coat with a sari for a casual look or a party look, then you can follow this look of actress Keerthy Suresh. Saree's look will look very classy with a plain white coat and black belt. If you want, you can also choose a coat of contrast color with the saree. Apart from this, you can also use the wide belt of the folding belt. Buckled belts will look great with coats. However, if you are pairing a belt with a coat, then take special care of the color combination.

Pair trench coat with cotton saree


This look of KanganaRanaut is an airport look, you must have seen. The look of the actress was very much discussed; the reason was its price. Kangana wore a trench coat worth Rs 2 lakh with a saree worth Rs 600. Not only is the cost of the trench coat, but its design is also very classy and elegant. If you are carrying a sari for an office look or a casual look, then a coat will look great with it. The most important thing is that trench coat can be carried not only with saree but also with jeans-top, skirt-top or pant look. Kangana has hung it on her shoulder, if you want, you can wear it in a normal way and open it in front.

Knee Length Fitted Coat Wear With Saree


The knee-length fitted coat can also be paired with a saree. Made in silk fabric, you can match this coat with georgette, chiffon, any type of fabric saree. However, always pair a fit-size coat with a saree. A loose and oversized coat does not look good. While deciding the look for the wedding function, choose a coat matching the saree. Keep it open from the front, so that your saree look also stands out.

Satin fabric coat is worn with saree


In this picture, Sonam Kapoor's sister Rhea Kapoor is wearing a blue colored blazer with an ethnic outfit, which is enhancing her look. A vibrant colored blazer has been paired with a saree instead of a blouse. However, if you are carrying a saree, do not skip the blouse. If you want, you can carry a coat in fitted size satin fabric design from above. Keep in mind that the coat should fit your body. If you are going to wear a coat for a wedding function, then always choose a vibrant color. Apart from this, keep the design of the coat unique as well.

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