FASHION TIPS : Look more stylish after marriage, saree and bangle will enhance your look


Girls look very beautiful at the time of marriage. For months, they start preparing for this special day, then somewhere the bride's beauty comes, but just looking beautiful at the wedding will not work. It is important how to look stylish after marriage. Women wearing vermilion-filled Maang and wrist-stuffed bangles can also look stylish with traditional Indian wear like saris, lehengas, and salwar suits. For this, you should know what to wear and how to carry matching accessories. If you are wearing a saree, then keep in mind what kind of sarees will enhance your beauty and how to wear that saree according to your body shape. You should also know how to carry jewelry or accessories with a saree that is stylish as well as a married look. Mangalsutra, sindoor, bindi, Chuda, and ethnic jewelry are the accessories that add to the fashion of girls after marriage. By carrying these accessories, you can look more beautiful in an easy way. So let's know how married girls can look stylish.

FASHION TIPS : Look more stylish after marriage, saree and bangle will enhance your look

1. Married girls should choose colorful dresses. Dresses in bright colors look great on the newlywed bride.

2. According to Indian tradition, the traditional dress looks better on the bride. By the way, in traditional dress, the saree enhances the beauty of women. But since the era of the nuclear family, apart from saree, girls have started carrying other traditional dresses which are trendy as well as comfortable.

3. Girls can wear saree in a stylish way according to the fashion.

4. Sarees of Banarasi, silk, tissue, chiffon texture are the first choice of girls in the market. However, if worn properly, any sari can give a fashionable look.

5. By the way, with sarees now more focus is on designer blouses. There is a trend of similar sarees in the market, in which light sarees have five workable blouses.

FASHION TIPS : Look more stylish after marriage, saree and bangle will enhance your look

6. Apart from this, many such designs of blouses have come in the market which adds to the beauty of women.

7. Designer blouse with neckline, short and semi sleeves, a backless blouse can add grace to your look.

8. Designer Mangalsutras have come into the market. Instead of the traditional Mangalsutra, women can try such Mangalsutra running in trend.

9. In jewelry also, women can carry tribal jewelry instead of traditional gold jewelry. You can try this jewelry with simple outfits.

10. Earrings can be worn with a saree, suit, or any traditional dress. Earrings always enhance the look of girls. In between, their fashion had gone, but in terms of look, earrings are very popular with women.

11. After marriage, girls have to carry such footwear which is comfortable as well as suits their married look. In such a situation, girls should avoid wearing heels, but instead of heels, try Kolhapuri chappals. Jodhpuri and Punjabi Mojri suit both traditional and western dresses.

12. After marriage, girls have to wear bangles. Many varieties of bangles will be found in the market. However, the trend of wearing bangles, on one hand, is also increasing among married girls. This not only makes them easy to work with, but also looks good according to the look.