Fashion Tips: If the top has become loose then try these methods, you will get a new look!


In today's era, girls are often worried about their increasing weight. They believe that due to continuous weight gain, their beauty can be reduced. This belief prompts them to pay special attention to their diet. They try to reduce their weight by adopting a diet. However, when they become successful in their weight loss efforts, they are faced with a new problem, that of loose-fitting clothes. Today we are here to give a solution to this problem of women.

The interesting thing is that you can wear loose clothing without changing it by wearing a belt. This stylish belt tied on your waist can give you a different look. To tighten the top, simply place the belt over it.


Put on a belt 

You can use a belt to tighten your unstitched top. The stylish C belt on the waist will give you a different look. To tighten the top, carry it from the top itself. 

Tuck in 

By tucking your top into jeans or a skirt, you can give it a different look. After applying this you will get a fit look.


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Can tie knots

To tighten your top, you can tie a knot at the bottom of your T-shirt. It will add a stylish touch to your look.