Fashion Tips: How to know whether clothes are branded or not? Here is the easy way!


Sometimes, people who buy clothes based on brand labels end up buying fake clothes because of brand deception. Nowadays the market is full of fake branded clothes.

Differentiating between genuine branded clothing and counterfeit clothing can be challenging. Here are some easy ways to identify whether a garment is branded or not.

Branded clothing is not available everywhere but is usually found in select showrooms or specialized boutiques. You should be aware of the brand of clothes you are buying.


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Branded clothing usually has labels, and these labels are always sewn on the inside. In contrast, counterfeit clothing is often labeled on the outside.

While buying branded bags, shoes, or any other item, carefully inspect their finishing. Branded items have high-quality finishing, while quality may go unnoticed in fake items.


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Even in terms of stitching, branded clothes display better quality. This reduces the risk of stitches coming open or fabric damage. In contrast, the stitching of fake clothes is often flimsy and can betray you at any time.

Branded clothes have one distinctive feature - they usually fit perfectly. There are only a few sizes that require a fitting adjustment. Trying on them will give you a clear idea.

Before buying any branded clothes, consider where you are buying them. Many large companies only offer their clothing at their official stores, rather than at every store.

Many times people try to sell non-branded clothes at low prices by claiming huge discounts on branded clothes. However, brands like Louis Vuitton, and Gucci rarely offer more than 20-30% off. So, if someone is offering a huge discount on an international brand of clothing, there is usually some skepticism involved.