Fashion Tips:-How to choose the perfect underwear for yourself, take care of vaginal health like this


For proper vaginal health, it is also important that your underwear is also right. These tips can help you to choose it.

Undergarments are not talked about much in our country. Even though the time is slowly changing now, but still there are many homes where women have to hide their undergarments and dry them. What is the right thing to be talked about something that is used to hide? This is the reason why many women still avoid buying undergarments for themselves and buy whatever they get easily.

The same happens in the case of bras and underwear and women sometimes buy them without thinking about the fit and clothes. But it is not as convenient as it seems. It is also bad for our body and what we wear inside clothes has to do with more than comfort.

Today we are telling you what 5 things you should keep in mind while choosing underwear.

1. Pay attention to the hip size-

Not only bra but panties should also be of the same size. Before buying panties, you must do your hip measurement. There is a simple reason behind this that our old panties become loose due to washing and use and we do not even know if the hip size increases. In such a situation, if you take only the old size panties, then it may be that you get tight. If the underwear is too tight then it affects vaginal health.

According to research, more tight underwear affects the vaginal muscles and in some severe cases, there is also a possibility of infection or cyst. You have to keep in mind that you do not wear tight panties too much and take care of your size.


2. Decide the clothes and comfort according to you-

Just because someone else has bought a panty with lace and it looks beautiful, then it is not right to buy it. The clothes and comfort should be to your liking. Many brands keep mixed cotton panties while some claim pure cotton. There is also a big difference between a satin and a glossy fabric. In such a situation, you need to decide the clothes and comfort according to you.

  • First of all, note that if you have any allergies
  • Choose clothes not by budget but by looking at vaginal health
  • If you are prone to frequent vaginal infections or UTI, then cotton panties will prove to be the best, avoid nylon panties at such times.


3. Set your panty type-

Just because seamless panties are in trend, you don't need to also take them. Seamless panties are mostly synthetic and in such a situation, women can be uncomfortable at times. 

  • If your bum shape is curvy, then both full coverage and cut shape panties will work.
  • If you want airy panties, choose something like a boxer.
  • If you want lower belly support, choose high waist panties.
  • Mid-length panty divides the lower belly fat and if you have a very heavy stomach then it will look divided. 

4. If you want to wear tight pants then choose seamless panties- 

If you have to wear tight pants or you have to wear a body-hugging dress, then you should choose seamless panties. Wearing these every day is not right, but if you are going to wear a special dress then they will be better. In seamless panties, the shape of the panty is not visible on the outside and hence they are considered very good. 

5. Focus on Coverage for Pear Shaped Body- 

If you have a pear-shaped body and have a lot of back portions, then always choose panties with coverage. It will be more comfortable for you. Yes, you can opt for thongs or cut-shaped panties, but this will make the back shape appear embossed. As far as comfort is concerned, full coverage will have more. In such times, boy shorts panties can prove to be good for you. However, it completely depends on the preference of the individual. If you like thongs and cut-shaped panties, then try them too. 

Most people ignore these small tips and do not pay attention to how important their comfort is.