Fashion tips: Girls with low height should not forget to follow these five fashion trends, the look will be spoiled


Every girl wants to look stylish and fashionable. For this, girls adopt fashion trends. From designer outfits to copying the trendy look of actresses. But due to all this, girls forget that what looks will be effective on their body type. Many times girls choose such outfits, then it is of the latest fashion, but it does not seem suitable on them. For example, there should be a difference in the dressing style of girls of tall and short height. To get a beautiful or attractive look, it does not matter more or less the height of girls, but while following the fashion trend, it should be kept in mind that the dress or style they are adopting should not show their height less. In such a situation, today we are going to tell short-height girls about those fashion trends which they should not follow at all. This will reduce his height. Know in the next slides what short girls should not carry from clothes to footwear.


Choose Jeans Carefully

Short-height girls should pay special attention to the selection of their clothes. If you are wearing jeans then avoid wearing oversized jeans. This type of jeans may be comfortable but it hides your height. In such a situation, the height of less-tall girls seems to be less. If you want to wear jeans then choose high waist jeans. High waist jeans make your legs appear longer.

short tall girls do not wear this dress

Many girls like to wear a midi dress or skirt but they should take care of their height before carrying such a dress. Short tall girls should not wear midi dresses or skirts. It makes you look shorter. If you want to wear a midi then you can wear a short skirt or full long length skirt. In this, your legs will appear longer and the height will be more.



Girls whose height is less should also pay attention to the hairstyle. Short-height girls should not have long hair. Take a mid-size haircut or keep short hair. This type of haircut highlights your neckline and makes your look more attractive.

short height girl bag

Often girls carry trendy purses and bags to make them look stylish. She chooses the bag according to her outfit but she should also take care of the height. Short tall girls should not carry oversize bags. This makes your height look less. You can take mid-size bags.

short height girls stay away from such footwear

Short tall girls should avoid wearing round-toe heels while choosing their look. This can make your legs look smaller. Rather short-height girls should wear pointed-toe hills. It will also give you a stylish look and will also make you look tall.