Fashion Tips: Clothes do not suit due to low height, then follow these tips


Having a small height makes it very difficult to choose clothes. In such a situation, choosing the perfect clothes is not less than a challenge. Know here such ideas that can prove to be very helpful for you.

Girls are very conscious in terms of fashion. She often chooses outfits for herself according to the time and place. Also, choose the colors of clothes according to the season. But the small height spoils all the desires. Due to the short length, all types of outfits do not look good on you because wearing all the clothes makes you look short and tall. In such a situation, an inferiority complex starts growing in the mind.

But this problem of short stature is such a problem, over which you do not have control. Therefore, it is not right to reduce one's own confidence by thinking a lot about it. In such a situation, it is important that you choose clothes in such a way that they prove to be perfect for you. After carrying them, you look tall and attractive. Know here some such outfit ideas that can prove to be helpful for you.

1. If you are fond of Kurtis then always wear churidar pajamas with a long kurta. While wearing an Anarkali suit, choose V shape neck. If you have broad shoulders, then completely avoid wearing kurtas with Chinese collars and puffed sleeves. Also, avoid wearing salwar or palazzo.

2. Those with low height should avoid wearing Capri and trousers of three-quarter height. Instead, wear slim lower wear. Also, wear a monochrome pattern ie a single color outfit from top to bottom.

3. Wear a high vest instead of a low waist. Wearing fitted jeans will also make the height look better. Wear dark-colored upper wear with jeans, it will make you look taller. Apart from this, you can wear a crop top or a formal shirt. Give preference to V shape neck instead of turtle or boat neck.

4. Avoid wearing light colors. Choose dark-colored clothes like blue, black, brown, red, purple, dark gray, etc. You can wear cream or ivory in light colors.

5. Vertical striped pants, jeans, slits, and skirts are a perfect fit for short-height girls. In winter, open straight cardigans and jackets can be worn with them. When choosing clothes, always choose small prints.

6. While choosing a saree, remember that one should always choose a saree with borders and small prints. If you are underweight then wear chiffon, georgette sarees and if you are overweight then choose silk, kanjeevaram, cotton sarees.

7. If your height is short then do not keep your hair too long. Also, if the bag is hung, then the length of the bag should not be too much. Take special care of this matter.

8. Nowadays maxi dress is also in trend, but you should not try it. The height is very less in this. If you have to wear a maxi dress then remember that it should not be too round from the bottom.