fashion tips: Banarasi saree trend is back, you can carry these four ways to look stylish


Saree enhances the beauty of women in traditional clothes. There are many varieties of sarees but Banarasi sarees are the first choice of women. However, being out of fashion, beautiful Banarasi sarees of women have been kept in the wardrobe for years. But now the fashion of Banarasi saree has returned. Many actresses have recently been seen wearing Banarasi sarees. A graceful and royal look comes in the Banarasi saree. Even in the crowd, when you come out wearing a Banarasi saree, everyone's eyes will be on you. This is the reason that after seeing the Banarasi look of the actress, the desire to wear a Banarasi saree was once again seen in women, but if you are in the confusion that wearing a Banarasi saree does not make your look old fashion, then we will give you some tips on wearing Banarasi saree. Going to tell you the tips. By following these tips, you can look stylish in a Banarasi saree.


Selection of Banarasi Saree according to the event
If you want to wear a Banarasi saree, then the most important thing is to choose the right saree. Therefore, before buying a Banarasi saree, keep in mind that in which function you have to wear the saree. Like if you are getting ready for the wedding ceremony, then a silk Banarasi saree will be perfect for it.

Selection of sarees according to the season
Keep the weather in mind while wearing a Banarasi saree. If you want to wear a Banarasi saree in summer then you can buy an organza Banarasi saree. Organza Banarasi saree will give you a very fashionable and comfortable look. Apart from this, you can also carry Banarasi sarees with Tussar cotton, organza, and texture.

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how to wear Banaras saree
The specialty of the Banarasi saree is that it suits all body types. But by wearing a Banarasi saree, the look can be made more attractive. Banarasi sarees can be worn in a drip-style. But if you do not know draping styles, then you can carry a Banarasi saree in a normal, straight palla or inverted palla style.

Hairstyle and makeup will complete the saree look
Makes any look more attractive Your makeup and hairstyle. Make a bun in the hair with a Banarasi saree, you can also apply Gajra. Also, choose the bindi and accessories carefully.