Fashion Tips: Always keep these 5 things in mind while wearing a saree, you will look very beautiful!


Saree is considered our Indian traditional dress. It is said that the beauty of an Indian woman comes out only in the saree. Saree is considered the main garment of Indian women. Most women prefer to wear a saree on any special occasion. Most of us women love to wear a saree with all our hearts, but very few women are able to wear it properly. Along with this, some women have to face many difficulties in wearing a saree for the first time, or they are not used to wearing a saree daily. In such a situation, even if you do not want to, you have to cancel the plan of wearing a saree. That's why it is important to take care of some things before wearing a saree for the first time.

While wearing a saree for the first time, women face many problems from the fabric and weight of the saree to making pleats and handling the layer. But by following some easy tips, you can easily carry a saree in minutes and look perfect. If you are wearing a saree for the first time or are practicing wearing a saree properly then these tips will be useful for you.


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Some special tips to wear a saree in less time...

1. Choose a lightweight saree:- It is important to choose a lightweight saree when wearing a saree for the first time. Usually, some women choose heavy sarees like Kanjeevaram or Banarasi to wear saree for the first time. Such sarees are a bit difficult to handle and wear. Also, wearing these sarees for the first time might make you feel uncomfortable as you are not used to it. Hence, it is advised to choose a lightweight saree made of georgette, chiffon, or cotton when wearing a saree for the first time.

2. Making pleats of the saree: If making pleats while wearing the saree is the most difficult thing then you can opt for pre-pleats. So in this case you can pleat the saree beforehand. In this way, it will be very easy for you to wear a saree and you will be able to wear a saree well in a few minutes. Not only this but by doing pre-pleats, your saree will also look perfect.

3. Pin the saree properly:- A saree needs to be pinned properly for it to handle and look perfect. For this, do not forget to pin the pleats as well as the layers. This will make it easier for you to handle the saree and there will be no fear of opening the pleats. Along with this, by applying a pin on the saree, your look will also look very clean.


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4. Do not carry a heavy blouse: If you are wearing a saree for the first time then do not carry too heavy a blouse. If you want, you can use a lightweight blouse to carry a unique look in the saree. In such a situation, choosing a shirt-style blouse, crop top blouse, or spaghetti blouse will be more beneficial.

5. Pay attention to the fitting and matching of the petticoat: - Before wearing a saree, it is important to pay attention to the fitting and matching of the petticoat. Actually, when women wear a saree for the first time, they wear a low-cut petticoat. This can make it difficult for them to walk. That's why the fitting of the petticoat should not be ignored. Along with this, choose a matching petticoat with the saree, it will help to give an attractive look to the saree.