Fashion and Styling Tips: How to make perfect saree pleats like this

Fashion and Styling Tips: How to make perfect saree pleats like this

Saree is one such outfit that you will find in every woman's wardrobe. Of course, today's women are modern and feel more comfortable in western clothes. But everyone is fond of wearing a sari and at some point or the other; every woman wants to wear a sari. But as simple as a saree looks, it is more difficult to wear it.

Especially women who are not used to wearing saree or who are wearing saree for the first time, face the most problem in making saree pleats. Sometimes even women who have experience in wearing sarees for years are not able to make straight pleats while wearing a saree.

In such a situation, to help women wear sarees, celebrity saree draping expert Dolly Jain has shared a video on her Instagram page and YouTube channel, by watching which you will easily learn how to make sarees pleats. Apart from this, you read this article completely and learn easy steps to make saree pleats.

Step 1

First of all, know that the pleats of the saree should be straight and all the pleats should be equal. For this, it is very important that your saree is well pressed and there should not be any creases in it. If there is a crease then you may face problems while making the pleats. Many times, even after making the pleat’s right, the line of the crease is visible and it spoils the look of the saree, so press it before wearing the saree.

Fashion and Styling Tips: How to make perfect saree pleats like this


Now start draping the saree and keep in mind that the first fold of the saree is equal and does not rise or fall from anywhere. If this happens, then after wearing the whole sari, that part is seen separately while getting up or walking or if the fold is small then the petticoat starts showing out from inside, which is Looks very ugly.

Fashion and Styling Tips: How to make perfect saree pleats like this


Now start making the pleats of the saree. For this, make the first two pleats and tuck them inside the petticoat. After this, make pleats from the side of the fall below instead of above. These pleats should be in an equal gap. After this, you press these pleats under the sole of the foot. After this, open both the pleats mentioned above and start making pleats again. You will find that your pleats are becoming straight.


Now release the pleats buried under the soles of the feet. After this, turning the pleats you have prepared towards the left side, tuck them into the petticoat. During this, also keep in mind the height of the first fold of the saree. After making the pleats of the sari, secure it by putting a safety pin in it.


Many times after taking the first fold, even when the pleats of the saree are ready, some part of the saree remains on the right side. Women usually tuck that part in a petticoat like this. But this can spoil the look of your saree, so you have to adjust this remaining part with the first plate of the saree in such a way that the pleats are visible from the front. You can also see this method in the above video.