Falgun Month 2024: What to do and what not to do in the month of Falgun? Know these important things!



The month of Phalgun is the twelfth month in the Vedic calendar and has special significance in Hinduism. This month is especially important as it includes the auspicious day of Mahashivratri, dedicated to Lord Shiva. Additionally, the festival of Holi, known for its vibrant colours, also falls in this month. Devotees worship deities like Lord Shiva, Shri Krishna, Goddess Parvati, Goddess Lakshmi and Chandra (Moon) during this period. It is believed that worshipping these deities in this month can reduce suffering, bring prosperity and bring wealth and abundance. As Phalguna progresses, the winter season begins to wane, giving way to the gradually warming season. This month is also known as Phagun and Amalaki Ekadashi associated with Lord Vishnu is observed.

When does Phalgun Month 2024 start?

Phalguna month in 2024 will start on 25th February and end on full moon day in Phalguni Nakshatra on 25th March.

What to do and what not to do during Phalgun month?

According to Ayurveda, it is advised to reduce the intake of grains and increase the intake of fruits in this month. It is advisable not to use too hot a blanket while sleeping. The month of Phalgun is dedicated to the worship of Lord Krishna, and it is believed that worshipping the three forms of Lord Krishna – child, youth and guru – brings special benefits.


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Charitable activities during the month of Phalgun:

Devotees are advised to take a bath with cold or lukewarm water this month. A person should donate pure ghee, mustard oil, seasonal fruits, grains and clothes as per his capacity. It is believed that such acts of charity lead to the accumulation of virtue. Additionally, offering offerings to ancestors during this month is considered auspicious, leading to positive results.


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Worship during the month of Phalgun:

Considering that the Moon, which has a significant influence on the mind, was born in the month of Phalgun, it is believed that offering milk to the Moon on a daily basis brings peace. It is suggested that even if unfavourable planets are present in the birth chart, worshipping the Moon in this month can bring auspiciousness. During this time, it is also considered important to respect your mother. Neglecting or disrespecting your mother can lead to financial losses and serious illnesses.