Facebook Tips: Don't do this on Facebook even by mistake, your account will be blocked immediately..

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Social media has become a big medium of information today. Anyone who has a smartphone is using social media. You too must be reading this news on social media. Social media users have given information from family to mobile numbers and e-mail IDs in their profiles, but there are some things that you should not share on Facebook. In such a situation, your account can also be blocked. Let us know what should not be posted on Facebook. Facebook can even block the account that shares such photos and videos. Facebook has given information about this in its policy.


Threats or writing posts against someone by targeting them
On Facebook, you cannot share statements to commit violence against a person, group of people, or place (city or small place). Apart from this, you cannot threaten any person in any way. Apart from this, asking for gifts/money mentioning or picture of a particular weapon offering to sell a weapon, or asking to buy it. Such posts should not be made on Facebook.

Terrorist activity
Facebook also deletes content that supports or glorifies groups, leaders, or people involved in terrorist activities, organized hate speech, mass or serial killings, human trafficking, organized violence, or criminal activity, and if there is a complaint against such pages and accounts, the account and page can also be blocked. Any non-governmental organization that is involved in planned violent activities against people or property to intimidate a public community, government, or international organization to achieve a political, religious, or ideological goal will be blocked.

Buying and selling of banned goods
The purchase, sale, or trade of non-medical drugs, pharmaceutical drugs, and marijuana by manufacturers and retailers is banned on Facebook. Apart from this, the purchase, sale, gift, exchange, and transfer of guns, including gun parts or ammunition, between people is also prohibited.

Promoting or promoting crime
Facebook bans people from promoting or promoting violent crime, theft, and/or fraud. Facebook also blocks accounts that promote acts of physical harm against people, hunting, fishing, religious sacrifice, or food preparation, as well as acts of physical harm against animals, poaching endangered species or selling their body parts, organizing animal vs. animal fights, theft, vandalism or property damage, fraud, and human trafficking.


Facebook also monitors and prevents criminal activity that is intended or likely to cause harm to people, businesses, or animals. However, if you are slaughtering a chicken for food, Facebook is okay with that.

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