Eye Infection: In case of eye infection or irritation, do not make these mistakes even by mistake, take special care like this!


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With the changing weather, people often suffer from eye infections. Initially, it starts with general itching and burning, but later it can affect both the eyes. This infection is caused by bacteria or a specific type of infection and can happen to people of any age. If you are experiencing any problem with your eyes, it is important to consult a doctor without wasting time.

In case of an eye infection, it is advisable to avoid going out as it can increase itching in the eyes. It is not recommended to use any medicine for eye infections without consulting a doctor. Keep the eyes clean with lukewarm water and gently remove the dirt accumulated in the eyes with clean hands. When there is an infection in the eyes, the eyes become red, due to which itching and many other symptoms start appearing.

Here are some mistakes to avoid when dealing with eye infections:

Avoid going to public places if you have an eye infection. If necessary, wear glasses when going out. Also, minimize touching your eyes.

Avoid shaking hands or touching others. Discourage children from engaging in such behaviour.

Use hand sanitizer regularly after some time and keep washing your hands every hour.

To care for your eyes, wash them with clean water every hour, followed by using eye wipes.

Use eye drops from time to time to remove impurities from the eyes.

Do not share towels, pillows, clothes, blankets, glasses or eye makeup with others.

Avoid repeatedly rubbing or scratching the eyes. If itching starts, wash the eyes with cold water.


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Follow these eye care tips to prevent eye flu:

  • Keep hands clean to prevent the spread of infection.
  • Avoid getting wet in the rain or swimming in the pool during monsoon.
  • Stay away from people who have flu.
  • Clean contact lenses thoroughly.
  • Use eye wipes while going out to prevent dirt from getting into your eyes.
  • Eat a diet rich in vitamins A, B and C. Drink plenty of water and include more vitamins in your diet.
  • Use glasses to protect your eyes from sunlight, dust and pollution.