Eye Care tips: Eye irritation is becoming a very common problem, these home remedies will provide relief


The eyes are one of the most delicate and sensitive parts of our body, so anything affects them very quickly. Any kind of negligence related to this can weaken your vision. There can be many reasons like environmental pollution, environmental factors, use of contact lenses, too much screen time, lack of sleep, irritability, and lack of water in the body, due to which the eyes are facing fatigue and irritation. This problem that develops in the eyes affects daily life as well as gives far-reaching side effects. You can reduce this irritation of the eyes with the help of some home remedies. Let us know about those measures…


Cold water
If there is irritation or fatigue in the eyes, sprinkle water on the eyes. You can also use cold water for this. Consume water to remove fatigue and irritation in the eyes. Due to lack of water, symptoms of dehydration start appearing in the body. At the same time, water consumption is also necessary to remove the burning sensation in the eyes due to infection. By drinking water, the toxic elements will come out of the body and the infection of the eyes will be cured.

Using cucumber is very beneficial to remove eye fatigue and irritation. It works to cool down the eyes by removing the burning sensation. Cut thin slices of cucumber and keep them in the fridge. Keep these pieces of cucumber on the eyes and lie down for some time. This is a very effective and easy way to remove irritation and fatigue.


Cold milk
If you are feeling tired or burning in the eyes, then you can use cold milk. Dip cotton in cold milk. Massage lightly by keeping cotton over the eyes. The cold effect of milk will remove eye infections and freshness will come to the eyes. If you try these remedies after working for a long time, then you will get rid of problems like pain in the eyes, swelling and fatigue. Aloe vera can also be used to remove eye irritation.