Eye Care: Burning sensation in the eyes after playing Holi will go away in a pinch, follow these methods..


There are many among those who drown in the colours of Holi, who have to face burning or itching in the eyes due to chemical colours. It is best to consult a doctor in ice care, but relief can also be found through home remedies. Learn about effective home remedies related to ice care...


Cucumber recipe: Cucumber with hydrating benefits also acts as a cooling agent. When the colour enters the eyes, we rub them and itching starts increasing. In such a situation, you can take the help of cucumber because it also has cooling properties. Keep the cucumber slices on both eyes for about 15 minutes.

Rose Water: Rose water made from rose petals is the best skin care product. In case of irritation or itching in the skin or eyes, the method of applying rose water should be adopted. Take rose water in cotton and keep it on both eyes.

Ice recipe: The method of ice can also be adopted to bring coolness to the burning sensation. Take an ice cube and keep it in a handkerchief. Now do the exercises slowly on both eyes. Do this for about 10 minutes and see the difference.


Potato is also effective: Like cucumber, cooling benefits are found in potatoes. If you want, you can apply potato juice on the eyes or you can cut thin slices of potato and keep them on the eyes. You will be able to feel relief in a pinch.