Experts warn: excessive consumption of such things can snatch away your 'happiness', keep distance from them in time


Many studies have shown that diet plays an important role in maintaining our overall health. But did you know that diet has the same effect on our mental health? Health experts say that the kind of food we eat also plays an important role in determining our mood and mental health. So if your mood is often bad, you do not like anything or you feel more irritable, then definitely consider changing your diet once.

You must have seen foods that are called mood-boosting foods. Similarly, there are some foods that can have a negative effect not only on our physical but also on our mental health. Let us know about some such foods in the following slides, which can be harmful to you to consume in excess, it can spoil your mood.


foods with gluten
Generally, people who have problems with gluten allergies are advised not to consume gluten, but did you know that excessive consumption of gluten can also affect mental health. Some studies have suggested a link between gluten and poor mental health. Health experts recommend limiting the intake of gluten in the daily diet. Gluten is high in wheat, pasta, etc.


things with added sugar
According to health experts, sugary foods not only increase the risk of diabetes but are also not considered good for your mental health. Consuming high amounts of sugar or added sugars can lead to an imbalance in the gut microbiome that can affect mood to a great extent. So make sure to reduce the intake of sugar.

processed food
In many studies, excessive consumption of processed food has been described as particularly harmful to health. Health experts say, excessive consumption of processed food increases problems like anxiety, sadness, and depression, so if you also have mood-related problems then it is considered better to stay away from these foods.

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