Expensive makeup products have expired? then use these methods


Make lip balm with lipstick- Instead of throwing away your favorite lipstick, you can make tinted lip balm. Yes, and to make it, take out your lipstick in a small bowl. Now keep this bowl in hot water for some time. In this case, the lipstick will melt and the bacteria living in it will also be destroyed. Now mix it in your Vaseline or petroleum jelly. After this, put it in a small box and keep it in the fridge. Take your favorite color lip balm is ready.

Eyeshadow- Eyeshadow lasts only for one to one and a half to two years and in this case, you can make a new shade by applying eyeshadow in nail polish. Yes and to make it, take clear nail polish and add eyeshadow pigments to it and mix well. Your new nail color is ready.

Mascara - For your information, let us tell you that mascara should be used within 6 to 8 months because it expires very quickly. After it is over, it can be used for eyebrows. If your eyebrows are turning gray then you can apply it there. You can clean it by removing excess mascara with a mascara brush and shaping your eyebrows with it. Apart from this, if you want, you can also exfoliate your lips with this brush.


Skin toner - It is alcohol and chemical based, if it expires then you can clean things like glass, or a mobile screen with it.