EPFO Pension Rules: If there is a long gap between jobs, how will the 10 years be counted, when will you be entitled to a pension?

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According to EPFO Rules, if you work in a company continuously for 10 years, then you become entitled to get a pension at the age of retirement under the EPFO pension scheme EPS. But suppose a person worked for 4 years, but lost his job and it took 2 to 3 years to get a new job, then on what basis will his years of service be counted?


Will the length of service be calculated afresh with the new job or will the years of service be counted by adding the new job to the length of the previous job, ignoring the gap? This is a question that arises in the minds of all employees. Let us tell you what are the rules regarding this so that any kind of doubt can be eliminated.

Know what happens after a long gap
If there is a long gap in getting a new job after leaving an organization, then there is no need to worry. In such a situation, whenever you start a job again, keep your UAN number the same as it was in the previous company. With this, on changing jobs, money will be transferred to the same account from your new company. Also, the total service period of your previous job will be added to your new job. In such a situation, you will not need to complete 10 years of service again.

Understand with example
For example, if you work in a company for 5 years. After that, you lose your job and after about a year you join another job again. If you add your same UAN number in another job, then your 5 years of job do not go to waste. The intervening year is removed and further calculations start from the time of joining the new job. In this way, if you complete 5 years again in another company, then your 10 years will be considered completed and that person will be considered entitled to take the benefit of Regular Pension Scheme.


If 10 years of service is not completed
If your tenure of 10 years of employment is not complete and you do not intend to do further employment, then you can withdraw the amount deposited in your pension account even before the age of retirement. In this situation, you do not get any interest on the withdrawal of pension amount, rather the pension benefit is decided according to a formula. This formula depends on the total duration of your job and final salary.
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