Email Tips: Unwanted emails will not bother you, unsubscribe in this way...


Google Gmail is used on every smartphone, but users often get disturbed by the promotional emails coming on Gmail.   In such a situation, promotional emails are received along with important emails; in such a situation, this problem can be easily resolved due to Google's feature.    


If you want to use this feature on the web, open Gmail on the desktop. Then click on the option to unsubscribe.   After this, confirm by clicking on Unsubscribe once again. Learn further how to do this work on mobile. Open the Gmail app on your mobile or tablet. After this, find the promotional email you want to unsubscribe from and open the email.


Then click on the three dots at the top right of the email.   The unsubscribe option will be available in the menu. Click on it and that email will never come again.   It is often seen that the unsubscribe option does not work properly. In this case, click on the unsubscribe button given below the email.

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