Election 2024: Can you ask for leave or half a day from office to cast your vote? Know what the rules are!


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The first phase of voting for the Lok Sabha elections will take place on April 19, in which many states across the country will be involved. There will be subsequent stages, after which the results will be announced on June 4. In many places, voting is conducted on weekdays. This may pose a challenge to people wishing to vote. So, can you take half a day off from your office on voting day? Let's explore:

Government employees and leave

On polling days, the government often declares 'paid leave', ensuring that government employees are not hampered in casting their votes. Offices are either closed for the day or declared for half a day so that people can vote comfortably.



What are the rules in the private sector?

The right to vote has also been recognized for those working in the private sector. Under the Representation of the People Act, of 1951, it is mandatory for companies to give leave to their employees on the day of voting. This means that no one can be denied half-day or full-day leave for voting. Moreover, companies cannot deduct any salary for this leave.


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Announcements by Governments

As mentioned earlier, many states declare holidays in advance for voting days. For example, the Election Commission in Delhi has directed all offices to give leave to employees on polling day. Even people working in Delhi but coming from other states will be given leave on the day of voting. Similarly, states like Rajasthan, Kerala, and Bihar have also declared holidays on the polling day during the Lok Sabha elections. Its objective is to encourage maximum participation in the democratic process.