Election 2024: Can elders cast their vote from home like this? Know what is the complete process!



The Election Commission has announced the dates of Lok Sabha elections and now preparations for voting are going on. According to the Election Commission, voting will begin on April 19 and voting will be held in a total of seven phases, the results of which are expected to be declared on June 4.

Information regarding voting has also been provided by the Election Commission, including who will be eligible for postal voting.

In every election, elderly persons above 85 years of age and persons with more than 40 per cent disability are provided the facility to vote from home.



The Election Commission maintains voter information, and eligible voters are required to fill out Form 12D provided by the election authorities to cast their vote. Alternatively, voters can also apply for postal voting through the Suvidha App.

It is a postal ballot paper, which is filled in the presence of an election officer and a police officer. With this, people can vote for their favourite candidate while sitting at home.


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Like polling stations, complete confidentiality is ensured during this process. After the vote is cast the envelope is sealed.