Effects of Stress on body: - Stress can cause not only harm but also benefit, you just have to understand the science behind it


In today's time, the problem of stress has become so common that almost every day a new therapy is being invented in the name of stress management. The situation is such that today children, teenagers, youth and people of almost every age are seen becoming its victims. If we see, the more there is talk about this problem, the more serious this problem is becoming.


In such a situation, it becomes very important to know the hidden reason behind this problem and its real science. The science behind stress shows that having some degree of stress is also beneficial for a person. Therefore, if you understand this science, then along with controlling stress, you will also know how to use it positively.

What is the science behind stress?

It is worth noting that feeling stressed is a reactive state of the body. Let us tell you that when any external situation, incident or any kind of pressure is felt, the sympathetic nervous system becomes active in the body. So that you and your body can face that situation or challenge properly. In such a situation, there is rapid blood circulation in the body, due to which increased heart rate as well as nervousness and over-sensitivity are felt.

Limited stress can be beneficial


Stress provides stimulation to your mind and body to fight external conditions. But if you do not take this signal and excitement properly, then it can overpower you. Due to this, mental and physical problems arise. But if you take it correctly then it can prove helpful in facing external challenges. Let us know about the benefits we get from it.

Increase brain function

In case of stress, blood circulation in the brain increases, which increases brain efficiency. In such a situation, you can focus properly on anything and make better decisions for yourself.

Improve brain structure

Limited amounts of stress are also beneficial for brain structure. This helps in the formation and development of healthy cells in the brain, which improves mental health.

Increase immunity

Stress taken in limited quantity is also considered helpful in increasing the body's immunity. Actually, in case of stress, the antioxidants present in the bodywork actively and due to this, infectious diseases are protected.

Helpful in improving memory

According to the research done in the medical field, in case of stress, the level of stress hormone called corticosterone increases in the body. In limited form, this stress hormone helps increase the capacity of the brain, which increases the brain's ability to learn and remember things.

Stress taken in limited quantities can be beneficial for mental health, provided you know how to use it. Stress signals make you more alert and aware of things. But when we are not able to take it properly, then it dominates us and starts having negative effects. Therefore, you should know how to control stress i.e. stress management.

How to control stress

  • To control stress, you have to strengthen yourself mentally. For this, yoga, meditation and deep breathing exercises can be helpful.
  • Instead of getting upset when there are signs of stress, you should try to calm yourself so that the main cause of stress can be eliminated.
  • If stress is going out of your control then it would be better to take help from others in this matter. The problem can be solved by talking to others about this.
  • To control stress, it is very important to have better physical health along with mental health. Therefore, try to balance your eating habits and daily routine.

In this way, by keeping some things in mind, you can not only control stress but can also use it properly. We hope that this health-related information will prove useful for you. 

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