Edema: Water retention is increasing in the body, do you have symptoms of edema?


Water Retention Symptoms: Water retention or edema is a common problem that can cause swelling in many parts of the body. It is caused by fluid buildup in body tissues. Water retention can also be a sign of certain health problems. When your body's hydration level is not well balanced, the tissues hold fluid. Water retention usually affects the feet, ankles, legs, face, and hands. Let us know what are the symptoms of edema according to Mayo Clinic.


Symptoms of water retention

1. Swelling in any part of the body, usually in the legs, ankles and hands

2. Stiffness in the joints

3. Pain in the affected area

4. Weight fluctuations

5. Swelling around the abdomen

6. Swelling of the face, hips, or abdomen

7. Stretched and shiny skin in the affected area

8. Feeling of heaviness in the legs

Causes of water retention

1. Standing or sitting for too long

2. Excessive intake of salt

3. Any heart problem

4. DVT

5. Kidney disease

6. Any liver problem

7. Periods

8. Menstruation

9. Traveling on a flight

10. Prolonged protein deficiency

What to do if edema occurs?

1. Reduce salt intake on a daily basis, do not consume more than 4 grams of salt.

2. Stop drinking dehydrating drinks like tea, coffee, and alcohol.

3. Stay physically active and exercise regularly.

4. Include potassium and magnesium-rich foods in your daily diet.

5. You can also include foods containing vitamin B6 to prevent edema.

6. Long-term protein deficiency can also trigger water retention. So do not let this nutrient deficiency occur.

7. Keep your legs elevated to help move water upwards.

8. Tight socks and leggings can also help prevent fluid accumulation.

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