Eat food with your hands instead of a spoon, you will be surprised to know the benefits!


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Eating food with hands is the identity of Indian culture. But with the changing times, the craze for eating with a spoon has increased, especially among the younger generation who prefer to eat with a spoon. According to health experts, it is better to eat with hands instead of a spoon as it can have many health benefits.

Benefits of eating food with hands

Eating with hands will exercise the muscles because eating in this way improves blood circulation and strengthens all the joints of the hands. This method is especially good for muscle flexibility.

According to Ayurveda, when your fingers touch the top of your mouth, digestion improves, and good bacteria move through the hands to the stomach, which benefits the intestines.


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Reduces the risk of diabetes: Many studies have shown that frequent eating increases the risk of type-2 diabetes. In general, people who eat with a spoon tend to eat faster than those who eat with their hands, which leads to an increase in blood sugar levels.

Your hand acts as a great temperature sensor. When we eat food with a spoon or fork, first we do not know how hot the food is. When you touch food, your fingers know whether the food is safe to eat right now.


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Eating with your hands is most beneficial if your hands are clean. For this, whenever you eat food, wash your hands thoroughly, otherwise, the disease-causing germs will go into the stomach and then cause problems like food poisoning.