Earring cleaning Tips:-Clean the earrings like this with the help of saltwater


There is no doubt that accessories make your look special. But for it to make your look stunning, you must take proper care of them. Usually, wearing accessories regularly can make them dirty and look dull. In such a situation, if such accessories are worn, then your look also looks dull. The same thing happens with some earrings as well. 

You must be wearing different types of earrings to make your look special, but do you know how you can clean them at home. You don't need to do much for this. Just use salt water. If you want, you can make the earrings shiny again with the help of saltwater. So let us tell you today how to clean the earrings with the help of saltwater-

Check the stones

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In this way, saltwater can kill more bacteria present on the earrings and make them shine once again. But still, you must check the stones once before using saltwater. Organic stones are sensitive to saltwater and in such a situation, using saltwater on these stones can damage them. On the other hand, if your earrings are diamond stud earrings, you can clean the earrings in saltwater as diamonds are very resistant.

Clean hands first

When you are cleaning earrings, the first step is to wash your hands. By doing this you disinfect your hands and then the risk of bacteria transfer on the earrings is reduced to a great extent. For this, you can take the help of anti-bacterial soap.

How to clean pearl earrings

Pearls are very sensitive and dipping them in saltwater can damage them. Therefore, it is recommended to use warm water and mild soap to clean them. But if you want to clean them with saltwater, then follow this method. Simply moisten a corner of a towel or the corner of a cotton cloth slightly in saltwater. Then quickly wipe the pearl earrings from that area. This will make it easy to clean.

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Follow this method

If your earrings are made of such metal, which is not harmed by saltwater, then you should adopt this method. Simply add salt to water in a small bowl and mix. Now put your earrings in it and dip for about 3-4 minutes. Now take them out and clean with the help of clean water. Finally, wipe it off using a microfiber cloth or a cotton pad. Allow them to dry thoroughly before storing or wearing them.

Keep these things in mind

If you are cleaning earrings with saltwater, then pay special attention to some tips. For example, never leave earrings in saltwater for a long time. If the earrings are not very dirty, then you should keep them only for a minute. At the same time, you can dip the earrings in saltwater for a maximum of ten minutes.

Not all earrings can be dipped in saltwater. Therefore, you should not dip pearls and other types of earrings in saltwater. 

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