Dry Skin Care: Why do scales start falling off the skin even in summer? What is the way to escape?


The summer season brings with it many challenges. From physical health to skin, people face all kinds of problems in this season. People who have a habit of drinking less water are most worried about sunstroke or dehydration. But according to skin experts, the risk of skin damage is highest in summer.

Cosmetologist Dr Manisha Hanamshet says that the summer season is very difficult for the skin. There may be problems like pimples, redness or skin peeling on the face. The reason for this could also be allergy. Skin expert Dr Manisha says that 89 per cent of people do not know that they are suffering from minor skin problems. The maximum effect of heat is seen on our skin only.

These skin problems can occur

Heat rashes: Caused by blockage and inflammation of your sweat ducts.

Itching: Due to chlorine in water

Sunburn: Caused by direct exposure of the skin to the sun.

Occurrence of acne: Due to sweat, body heat and climate change

Melasma: Skin burning due to gas flame and sunlight.

What precautions should be taken?

Dr Vijay Singhal, Senior Consultant and dermatologist at Sribalaji Action Medical Institute says that generally dry skin does not occur during the summer season. Due to excessive sweating, the skin remains a little oily. But in this season, drinking less water or using too many beauty products can cause the skin to become dry. In such a situation, redness, flaking or rashes can occur on the skin. To avoid this, drink more water in summer, it keeps the skin hydrated. Do not use tissue paper with chemical scent when you sweat.

Additionally, apply sunscreen with SPF 50+ and cover your face before going out in the sun every day. Include things containing vitamins E and C in your diet. If you are going out somewhere in summer, carry a hat or umbrella with you. During summer days, always apply moisturizer after taking a shower, this will keep your skin soft. The most important thing is not to use soap on the face.

Experts also do not deny that peeling off the face can cause not only dry skin but also other skin-related problems. In such a condition, definitely visit a dermatologist.