Dry Cough Treatment: If you are troubled by dry cough, then treat it with these 4 Ayurvedic remedies


Dry Cough Treatment: If you are also troubled by dry cough occurring in the changing season, treat it with Ayurvedic remedies. Dry cough not only causes chest pain but also causes sore throat.

The changing weather brings with it many diseases. As the weather changes, so do the problem of viral fever, cough, cold, headache. People who have weak immunity are more prone to this problem. On taking the medicine, cold and fever are relieved, but the cough does not leave behind for several days. Most people are troubled by dry cough, due to which the throat becomes dry and chest pain starts when coughing. Sometimes coughing and coughing leads to a sore throat. If you are also troubled by dry cough occurring in the changing season, then we tell you about some effective Ayurvedic remedies, adopting which you can get rid of dry cough soon.

Ayurvedic treatment for dry cough

Consume pomegranate peel and honey:

If you are troubled by dry cough, then use pomegranate peel with honey. Firstly, dry the pomegranate peels in the sun for two to three days. When all the moisture in the peel is gone, put it in a jar filled with honey. When the dry cough is bothering you, then put the peel of pomegranate soaked in honey and suck it in the mouth. Remember not to swallow the peel. You will get quick relief from a cough.

Treat dry cough with candies:

If the dry cough is bothering you again and again, then you can make Ayurvedic candy at home and consume it. To make candy, take fresh leaves of ginger, fennel, mint and grind them finely to make a paste. Apart from this, make a little sugar candy powder. Make small balls of this paste and court the powder of sugar candy on top of it. Allow these tablets to dry for some time and store them in a jar. Take these pills whenever your cough bothers you.

Use licorice and fennel powder:

If dry cough bothers you very much at night, then make powder of licorice, fennel, and sugar candy and eat it. Make a fine powder by taking an equal quantity of liquorice, fennel, and sugar candy. Eat this powder with pure honey every night before sleeping, you will get the benefit.

Treat with mint leaves:

Mint leaves are very effective in dry cough. If you experience cough without pain, take some mint leaves and put them in your mouth. Remember that this leaf is just sucking not chewing.

Disclaimer: Story tips and tricks are for general information. Do not take these as advice from a doctor or medical professional. In case of symptoms of illness or infection, consult a doctor.