Driving license can be made not only at the age of 18 but also at the age of 16, know how!


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Anyone in India needs a driver's license to drive a car.​​​​ According to the rules of the Motor Vehicle Act of India, the legal age for getting a driving license is 18 years. But do you know that people below 18 years of age can also get a driving license?​​ Such are some of the provisions under the Motor Vehicles Act of India. Under which even 16-year-old people can get a driving license. Let us know what are the complete criteria for this.

Driving license can be made even at the age of 16

Generally, if someone wants to get a driving license in India, it is necessary for him to be 18 years of age. Only then can one apply for it.​​ To get a license, first, a learner's license is made, through which one can drive vehicles without gears like a scooter. The learner's license has to be updated within 6 months of its issuance.​​​


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But let us tell you that under the law of the Motor Vehicle Act 1988, a driving license can be made even at the age of 16 years. But it involves some special conditions.​ If we compare it, it is somewhat similar to a learner's license. After taking this license, you can drive only a specific type of vehicle.​​​


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You can ride a bike less than 50 cc ​

If any person below the age of 16 years wants to get a driving license, then his driving license is made under the Motor Vehicle Act of India, but after getting this driving license, that person can only ride a bike of 50 cc or less. With this license, he cannot drive any other vehicle.​​​ For that, he will have to update this license after he turns 18 years old. The process of getting this driving license is the same as getting a normal driving license.