Drink For Summer: A drink made of sattu gives relief to the body in hot summer, note its recipe...


Drink For Summer: The body starts getting dehydrated in summer. Such food and drink are needed, which fulfills the lack of water in the body. If you are also looking for such a drink that will give you relief in summer, then drinking Sattu drink is very beneficial in summer. It is also very easy to make. Let us also tell you its recipe.


Ingredients needed to make Sattu drink
Gram sattu - half cup
Mint leaves - 10
lemon - half
Green chili - half
Roasted cumin - 1/2 tsp
Black salt - half teaspoon
Plain salt - as per taste

Sattu is consumed as a special drink in UP and Bihar during summer. Today we are going to tell you its simple recipe. To make sattu in summer, first, wash the mint leaves thoroughly and cut them into small pieces. After this, now cut the green chilies and onions very finely.

Now after this, take cold water in a bowl and start mixing sattu little by little in it. Dissolve the sattu so much that no lumps remain in it. After the sattu dissolves well, add roasted cumin, black salt, and plain salt and mix well. Finally, add mint and lemon juice to it. Just your drink is ready. Now serve it in a glass. Don't forget to put ice on top of it.


Benefits of drinking sattu drink
Sattu is consumed in the hot summer to avoid sun and heat stroke. If you consume it daily in summer, then at first you will not feel hungry soon. Along with this, it keeps your body energetic. Consuming sattu helps cool the stomach.
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