Do you make these mistakes while applying sunscreen? Click here to know


Whenever we go out in the sun, we apply sunscreen to take care of the skin from UV rays. Whether you go out at home or outside, everyone is advised to apply sunscreen. But sometimes knowingly or unknowingly we make some mistakes while going out.


The effect of Nasreen usually ends in 3, 4 hours, so you should keep applying it from time to time. Apart from this, no matter how well we have applied sunscreen, in many places we forget to apply them. Usually, everyone applies it only on the face. But today we will tell you which are those parts of the body, where we forget to apply them.


We all apply sunscreen on the face but forget to apply it on the lips. Lips are more delicate than your skin and they get damaged quickly. You should use a lip balm with SPF to apply sunscreen on the lips.



Along with the face, our ears also come in the open skin area. That's why the ear also needs sun protection. Whenever you apply sunscreen on your face, do not forget to apply it to your ears.


Usually, people are afraid of the sun in their eyes so Eyelid also does not apply. While our eyelids also require sunblock, this gives protection to your eyes.


You may apply sunscreen on the feet, but sometimes we forget to apply it on the top of the feet. In such a situation, whenever wearing open footwear, apply sunscreen on the feet.