Do you also see this sign in the house, it can be Pitridosh, do this simple remedy on the coming Bhumavati Amavasya!


The first Bhaumvati Amavasya of this year is on Tuesday, March 21. On the day of Bhaumvati Amavasya, one should take bath in the morning and worship and do charity. It is believed that sins are removed from this and virtue is attained. Bhaumvati Amavasya is also a day to please the ancestors. If the ancestors are calm and content, then there will be peace and happiness in the family. The people of the house continue to progress. When you disrespect ancestors then ignore them, they may get angry. That's why the family has to face Pitrudosh. There are also some symptoms of Pitrudosh in the house by which you can know that your ancestors are angry. Bhaumavati Amavasya can be easily done to please the ancestors.


On Bhaumavati Amavasya, auspicious yoga is being formed till 12.42 pm and after that Shukla, Yoga is being formed. Sarvartha Siddhi Yoga is starting at 05:25 in the evening and will continue till the morning of the next day. On this day, take a bath early in the morning and do the tarpan and pinddaan of the ancestors, this removes Pitridosh.

Signs of pitr's displeasure -

1. If there is Pitridosh or the ancestors are angry, then there is no increase in the family or the happiness of children.

2. If the family members start facing problems at work, then it can be due to Pitrudosh.

3. Family members may fall ill one after the other. If one gets well and the other falls ill, it could be due to Pitra Dosha or the displeasure of ancestors. Salvation can be attained by the peace of the ancestors.

4. There is never peace and happiness in the family due to Pitra Dosh. There will always be arguments among the members of the house. There will be pain due to discord in life.

5. Pitridosh does not lead to progress in a job or business. Financially the person may have to face difficulties.

6. Pitridosh sometimes creates obstacles in marriage or other auspicious works. The ancestors are believed to create various obstacles until they are satisfied. That's why it is necessary to please the ancestors.


Pitridosh remedy for Amavasya -

1. On Bhaumavati Amavasya, take a bath in the river Ganges early in the morning or take a bath by mixing Ganga water in the bath water at home. After this, water should be offered to the ancestors. By doing this the ancestors are satisfied. When there is a shortage of water in Pitrlok, ancestors are pleased by offering water.

2. To get rid of Pitra Dosh, you can do Pind Daan for your ancestors on the day of Bhaumavati Amavasya. Perform his Shradh Karma. Brahmins - Donate to the poor, and feed them. Feed crows, cows, and birds.

3. Cow is also donated to get rid of Pitra Dosha.