Do you also blink that many times in a minute? This could be a fatal disease!


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We all blink our eyes but have you ever noticed how many times you blink in a minute? Excessive blinking or fluttering of eyelids can be due to some serious neurological disease.

If the habit of blinking increases then it can cause more problems in the eyes. If you are also facing this problem then you should not ignore it.

Be alert if you blink more than this in a minute.

Most people blink 15-20 times a minute. Blinking is good for the eyes to get proper oxygen and also to clean the dirt and stay healthy. But if you blink too much then you should be careful. Let us tell you the symptoms of diseases. In the disease of blepharospasm, the problem of frequent blinking starts.

Cause of blepharospasm

There is no specific cause of blepharospasm. But after this disease the functioning of the brain gets greatly affected. When the brain does not function properly, the eyelids become out of control and blinking increases.

Do not ignore these symptoms

Signs of blepharospasm start with small twitching of the eyelids and sometimes it increases significantly. If the blinking becomes more frequent then the eye closes completely. Due to which it becomes very difficult. Therefore, a doctor should be seen as soon as possible.