Do not take lightly the Omicron variant which can increase your problem, know its symptoms and preventive measures


The speed with which Corona is increasing its steps is audible. There is still a chance to improve, be alert, leave carelessness. To avoid corona infection, first of all, do the work of getting the corona vaccine.

During the first wave of Corona, people were not very aware of it, in such a situation their ignorance was understandable once, but the havoc caused by Corona in the second wave was not to be forgotten for the whole country. In such a situation, while the third wave is being talked about, people should be alert for everything that they have faced in the last two times. Of course, Omicron is not proving to be as dangerous for people as it did in the second wave, but still do not make the mistake of taking it lightly, especially those who are already suffering from any other disease. Let us know about its symptoms...

1. A person infected with Omicron has symptoms of the common cold such as sore throat, runny nose, and headache.

2. There is a lot of tiredness and weakness in the body.

3. Omicron patients are experiencing mild fever which gets better on its own.

4. A person infected with Omicron sweats profusely. Due to this, the clothes get wet.

5. A person infected with Omicron is also experiencing a dry cough.

6. Patients infected with Omicron have a burning and prickling feeling in the throat.

What to do to protect

1. If you see symptoms of the corona, then get yourself tested immediately and isolate yourself.

2. Inform the people who came in contact with the house and ask them to get tested.

3. Keep in touch with the health department, keep in constant contact with the family physician.

4. Get both doses of the vaccine, get all the members of the house vaccinated as well.

5. Go out wearing a mask, avoid going to crowded places.

6. Avoid traveling by train or bus unless there is an emergency.

7. Try to maintain social distancing when you go out.