Do not make the mistake of using beauty products without checking the date, these may cause harm!


We always check the expiry date on food items and medicines, because after this these things become unfit for consumption and can cause harm to health. On the contrary, while using beauty products, most people do not pay attention to the expiry date and keep using them for a long time, but do you know that it can cause serious harm not only to your skin but also to your health?

People keep using beauty products on their skin without thinking for a long time, but if you keep applying these products on your skin even after the expiry date, then it can cause short and long-term harm. Let us know.

Skin irritation

Continuous use of expired beauty products can cause problems like irritation, itching, pigmentation, pimples, rashes, and dryness on your skin.

Allergic reaction

Using the same beauty product for a long time causes bacteria to grow in it, hence expired beauty products can cause allergic reactions and for people who already have problems like eczema etc., the problem can get triggered a lot. . Due to this, symptoms like itching, red rashes, swelling etc. may appear on your face.

Fear of infection

Using expired products increases the risk of infection and especially products like mascara, eyeliner can cause eye infections like conjunctivitis etc.

Premature aging sign

Many types of chemicals are used in beauty products and when you continue using them on the skin even after they expire, it causes damage to the skin and causes the problem of premature ageing (premature wrinkles, fine lines). Might be possible.

Long term problems

If you continue using beauty products even after the expiry date, it not only causes short-term problems on the skin, but you may also have to face long-term problems because some allergies go away within a week or fifteen days. While in some you may have to undergo long treatment.

Serious health issue

Although this happens in very few cases, if you keep using expired beauty products and especially those parts of the skin which are very sensitive, like eyes and lips, then the harmful bacteria growing in these products can give rise to serious problems.