Do not do this even by mistake if you get burnt by firecrackers on Diwali, know this


People use fireworks on Diwali. Many people become victims of accidents due to fireworks or lamps. Many people even get burnt. Today we are going to give you information about what a person should do and what he should not do in case of burning.

If any part of the body gets burnt in fire then it should be washed only with normal water. One should not use ice or cold water even by mistake. Toothpaste, turmeric or camphor should also not be applied on burnt areas. These may increase the problem. A person can apply antiseptic and anti-bacterial ointments to the burnt area to provide relief. 


You should keep this type of medicine at home before Diwali. If such things are not available at home then the skin should be washed with clean water. After this cover it with a clean cotton or muslin cloth. If the pain is severe then definitely consult a doctor. 

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