Do IAS officers work under anyone or is this the highest post, click to know every detail!


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Becoming an IAS officer is the dream of many people. Be it the allure of the post or the prestige associated with it, the allure of IAS draws countless youth to the post of UPSC every year. However, have you ever thought that these high-ranking officials also work under someone? Which is the post in front of which even IAS officers salute?

Cabinet Secretary: Head of the IAS

The Cabinet Secretary is the highest post for IAS officers in the central government. The Cabinet Secretary reports directly to the Prime Minister. Similarly, the post of Chief Secretary or Chief Secretary is the highest among IAS officers in the states. Those who secure the highest rank in the IAS exam often find themselves adorned with these prestigious positions at the end of their careers.

The UPSC exam is the most difficult

The UPSC exam is considered to be one of the toughest exams in the country. A recent survey even declared it as the most challenging exam in India. While other exams like IIT, IIM or NEET are no less difficult, they usually have more seats than the number of applicants. In contrast, UPSC sees only a few of its candidates succeed every year. Only a few of them are lucky enough to become an IAS officer after years of hard work.

Importance of Training

After passing the examination, one has to go through the training phase. Here administrative skills are honed and developed. After this, the first posting usually starts as a Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM). After several years, they may get promoted to posts like Chief Development Officer or Additional District Magistrate (ADM). Ultimately, he aims to achieve the coveted post of District Magistrate (DM), which is a dream for every IAS officer.