DIY: Enjoy relaxing spa with these 7 homemade Things


Whether we want to make our hair look beautiful or to get glow on the face, how do we keep waiting for hours to get beauty treatment in the parlor? At the same time, they also spend extravagantly. If you're tired of spending thousands of dollars on a spa every month, try something new and original. Let us tell you that you cannot enjoy the relaxing spa even sitting at home, for this you do not even need to work hard nor will it cost you much money. Use some of the ingredients you have at home for glowing skin, healthy feet, beautiful and smooth hair, and get the vibes of a completely relaxing spa.

Scrub for lips


Your lips look attractive when they are not flaky and chapped, so how are you taking care of your lips these days? To keep the lips always soft, put one spoon of olive oil, one spoon of brown sugar in a bowl and mix it well. Now apply it on your lips and scrub in a circular motion for 5 minutes. After a while clean your lips and apply some lip balm on them. Scrubbing your lips will exfoliate your lips and won't crack them. Then your first task will be done.

Turmeric and Yogurt Face Mask

A face mask is great for giving a glow to the face and for girls with oily skin. Put one teaspoon turmeric and 3 teaspoon curd in a bowl and mix it well and leave it on your face and neck for 20 minutes after 20 minutes clean the face with lukewarm water. If you do this remedy 2 days a week, then you will get glowing skin soon. Keep in mind that does not forget to moisturize your skin with the right moisturizer.

Banana and honey mask for hair


After the face, now it is the turn of the hair. In winter, the hair becomes dry and unmanageable anyway. Dust and dirt, sun rays, cold winds take away the shine of the hair. For this, you can try the homemade hair mask. For this, mix ripe banana, honey, and coconut oil in a bowl and make a thick paste. Apply it on your scalp from the roots and after about 30-40 minutes wash your head with a mild shampoo. You will see how smooth and shiny your hair has become.

Body scrub

You will find many scrubs in the market to remove dust, dirt, and dirt from the body and for clean skin, but there are many benefits of using homemade Ubtan as a scrub. If you want, you can also make a button at home for yourself. To make this, make a paste by mixing a little flour, gram flour, a spoonful of mustard oil, a pinch of turmeric, and milk. Apply it all over your body and wash off when it dries. Doing this twice a week will also help you get rid of tan.

For beautiful feet 

Most of us take care of our face, hands, hair, but do not forget to know about our feet. To keep your feet clean and remove dead skin, you can put warm water in a tub and soak your feet by adding Epsom salt and lemon slices to it. After keeping it in water for some time, clean the dead skin of your ankles with a scrubber and wash it with water. The healing properties of Epsom salt will also provide relief to your foot pain.

Oatmeal scrub for hands

Oats exfoliate while nourishing the skin with vitamins and minerals. Wheatgerm oil is moisturizing and has antioxidant and anti-aging properties. Honey has antibiotic and antibacterial properties, which help in healing wounds and heal small cuts and irritations on our hands and fingers. For this, mix oats, wheat germ oil, and honey in a bowl and apply it to the hands, it will also get rid of tanning on the hands.

Body massage to get rid of fatigue

Body Polishing

Now after all these things, your fatigue will reduce in the same way. But body massage is also necessary to relieve yourself completely. Mix the essential oil of your choice with any other oil and enjoy the body massage by creating light music and atmosphere. You can lightly massage your shoulders, joints, etc., or enjoy a massage from an acquaintance or partner.

In this way, you can enjoy a relaxing spa from the comfort of your own home.

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