Diwali Rangoli Design: Make this beautiful Rangoli in the courtyard, these simple designs are perfect for Diwali!


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On the occasion of Diwali, as soon as the house is cleaned, everyone starts decorating the house. Like Lakshmi Puja, along with lighting a lamp every day in the courtyard of the house or outside the main gate, beautiful rangoli is also made. But if you are not an expert in making rangoli then do not worry. You can make this simple design. These will be ready in less time and will also look very beautiful. Check out some special simple rangoli pictures for Diwali.

Simple design

A simple design of Rangoli will look very beautiful. Also, it does not require much effort to make it. First, make a design with chalk on the ground. Then fill it with colors of your choice. The entire rangoli will be ready quickly and with less effort.

Corner Design:

If you live in a flat, you can make a corner design adjacent to the wall of the house. In this, you can make a simple design in one corner or half circle. It looks very beautiful and is also easy to make.


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Floral Rangoli Design:

If you do not want to make a big design then you can make a beautiful floral design. Flower designs are easy to make. You can try floral, leafy designs at the entrance of your home.

Make a design with the help of a sieve.

If you are going to make rangoli with the help of a sieve, then in this way you can give it a bigger shape. You can make many attractive designs of circles, flowers and leaves in it.


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Peacock Design

You can make this peacock rangoli in your favourite part of your house. It is not just on the door but you can make this rangoli design to decorate any corner of your house. This will look very beautiful.