Diwali Home Tips 2023: Financial crisis will go away forever, just adopt these things on Diwali!


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Diwali, the most sacred and famous festival of Hinduism, is just a few days away. Due to this, many people have started preparations for the festival of Diwali. Clothes, snacks, and other attractive items are purchased on Diwali. A lot of money is spent on this. But this Diwali many people are facing financial problems. So let us know what to do to get rid of family problems and financial crunch during the festive season and Diwali.



According to Chinese Feng Shui, a fish aquarium should be brought into the house before Diwali. This spreads positive energy among the people of the house. Apart from this, financial problems are also going away. A turtle idol should be kept in the home or office on the day of Diwali. This increases your respect and prestige in the society. Therefore, if you install a turtle statue and a fish aquarium in your home, you can get relief from financial constraints. Apart from this, on the day of Diwali, Chinese coins should be wrapped in red ropes and kept in the house. Due to this, it has a positive effect on the people of the house also.


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Keeping an idol of a smiling Buddha in the house on Diwali is also considered auspicious. This prevents health problems for the people at home. It also helps in relieving financial stress. In Feng Shui, keeping a statue of a smiling Buddha is considered very auspicious for happiness, peace, and prosperity. As soon as you enter the house, the first thing you will notice is the idol. Apart from this, installing the statue of a Chinese dragon in the house can also solve financial problems. So if you are facing financial problems before Diwali this year then you should use these things.